About Us


  • To glamourize science
  • To convert scientific news and experience into knowledge
  • To save time of scientific news-reader
  • To make develop a ‘5pointerz’ mobile App and which gives user an extremely personalized touch as per his/her requirements, personality and thinking.
  • To run a digital media knowledge platform from scientist bend of mind

To be the most reliable digital platform where scientific……….

Mr. Arnab Guha

A reading material in newspaper has basically 2 aspects – facts & opinions.​

5pointerz filters scientific news facts related to health, foods, biotech, agriculture and sustainability sector; converts it into crisp 5 bullet points or less (~120 words) and gives our intricate thought-provoking opinion on the topic in form of ‘IIPL Bytes’. ​

5pointerz realized that these sectors are extremely important, sensitive, scientific & have futuristic impact.

For general public, the essence of such knowledge will be more useful if the content is concise and easy to understand.

We at 5pointerz, give our best of effort to curate selected important scientific news and experience so that its essence get register in the mind of people for a longer time. As the result, an innocuous looking scientific content becomes useful knowledge for the common man, professional, student, farmer & entrepreneur.​

We also think that our product will create more curiosity in minds of young children as well as in budding university students towards science, agri-business and innovation. This will help them to think-out-box and not get restricted to just rote learning. ​

Another important aspects:
Poorest of poor and richest of all, have one thing in common i.e. they all have 24 hours a day. This tells us that we need to spend time very judiciously. Keeping this theory in mind, we also curate a scientific content as crisp as possible so that a reader invest minimum time to get maximum knowledge.​

Hope you like our 5pointerz product and our vision.​

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